Meet the Missionaries

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Fr. Samuel D’Angelo, cpps
Sudbury, Ontario

Fr. Samuel was born in Rochester, NY. After graduating from the University of Dayton, he worked for several years as a Lab Technician. Later, he completed his BS in Biology from John Carroll University in Cleveland, Ohio with a concentration in Chemistry and German. Today, he is a joy-filled parish priest and pastor in Northern Ontario in the city of Sudbury. In his free time he likes to paint, hike and cook.

Fr. Josephat Msuya, cpps
Fort Erie, Ontario

Fr. Josephat was born in Lindi, Tanzania. After completing his secondary education, he attended Jordan University and obtained a degree in Philosophy, later attending Salvatorian Institute of Theology. He dedicated several years in parish ministry and formation at the local seminary. With 20 years of pastoral ministry, he still spends his free days with the youth in the parish community. His presence and sense of humour is contagious.


Fr. Augusto Menichelli, cpps
North York, Ontario

Fr. Augusto was born in Soninno, Italy. He attended the Gregorian University in Rome and later received a STL degree in Theology of Communication, where he trained at the Vatican Radio. He also served in parish ministry before moving to Toronto, Canada. In Toronto, he was the Director of RadioMaria for Toronto-Montreal, Canada. Today, he finds happiness in minstering to the elderly, sick, and the lonely, where he brings renewed hope and peace to their hearts and spirits.