African Missionary Experience for Youth and Adults

Let’s Be Christ’s Missionaries to Tanzania, Africa!  As a Missionary Congregation, the Atlantic Province of the Precious Blood currently offers a six-week  missionary experience to Tanzania, Africa, if one’s secondary school contacts the Mission Office and has sufficient numbers of student to fundraise for the trip.  During the trip, the participants will help to construct a windmill to pump clean, fresh water to villagers.  The time spent in Africa also includes helping out at orphanages and schools sponsored by the congregation.   Participants will live in groups of 2 to 4 and begin their preparation for the time in Tanzania two years prior.   Fundraising for the trip is also completed during this preparatory time.   If several prospective participants are in one area of the USA or Canada, the Mission Director will do the preparatory orientation and formation in that area.  For those who are from a city or town where there is not a group of interested participants, preparations can be made individually by travelling to Toronto, Ontario at times designated by the Mission Director.    This experience can be the first step on your journey of becoming either a lay associate of the Missionaries of the Precious Blood or an actual professed member of the Precious Blood.   If interested or if you have any further questions, please contact our Mission Director at the following email address:   or phone number (416) 653-4486.