Where We Are

The Missionaries of the Precious Blood is an international congregation. The missionaries can be found ministering in 22 countries. The General Leadership is located in Rome, Italy.

Our multi-cultural network is made up of Provinces with Missions in:

  • Italy
  • Iberian (Spain, Portugal, Guinea Bissau)
  • Tanzania
  • Atlantic (Canada) & Mexico
  • Cincinnati & Kansas City (United States of America)
  • Latin American (Chile, Colombia, Guatemala, Brazil)
  • India
  • Poland & Croatia
  • Teutonic
  • Vietnam

The members minister as missionaries in parishes, education, chaplaincy, preaching, communication, and in a wide range of apostolates, promoting the cause of God’s reconciliation world-wide through the ministry of the Word of God.

“It is necessary to send out workers everywhere, so that the earth will be cleansed in the Divine Blood.”

– St. Gaspar del Bufalo