Who is called?

Welcome and Thank you for visiting the Vocation’s website, Discover the Call. Are you discovering your vocation and responding to a Call from God? Consider this…

Missionaries of the Precious Blood are dedicated and faith filled people. Understanding the ‘signs of the times’ in which we live can be a challenge. As missionaries, we follow and live the spirit of Jesus each day. We choose to live a life of simplicity. Community life supports our Bond of Charity and various apostolates. We pray together because this strengthens and deepens our friendship with Jesus, so that, we can be a true witness of hope and be life-giving.

We minister in parishes, chaplaincy, foreign missions, and education bringing one another into a new covenant with Jesus, our Lord.

The blood of Jesus shed on the cross reminds us of the call we have received from our Baptism: to share, to forgive, to be merciful, to offer a sacrifice, and to be faithful.

St. Gaspar, founder of the Missionaries of the Precious Blood, accepted the challenge as he voiced:

“I must not, I cannot, and I will not accept the wrong-doing of the times.”

Likewise, we embrace the commitment to partake in the same spirit of the crucified and risen Christ who shed his blood for us.

I joined this religious community of the Missionaries of the Precious Blood because I saw men who were prayerful, generous, wise, open-minded, flexible, and willing to accompany people in their hurts and joys. I invite you to Come and See what a wonderful and meaningful life a missionary can be and accomplish, all done for Glory to the Blood of Jesus.

What are your dreams? Can you be a missionary to share the message of Jesus’ blood? Give me a call, send me an email, and let’s chat.

Peace & Joy,

Fr. Samuel D’Angelo, C.PP.S.
Vocation Director