Who is called?

Every call, every vocation, comes from God and every person has some kind of calling from God!   The unique call of God to be a Missionary of the Precious Blood comes to Roman Catholic men, between the ages of 18 and 45 who are intelligent, well-rounded, spirit-filled, and generous of heart to labor with one another in the service of the Kingdom of God.

Missionaries of the Precious Blood find their inspiration in the Blood Shed by Christ on the Cross, and the Love which that Blood signified for all people, especially for those on the margins of society and who feel abandoned, hurt, or unloved in some way.

Most of the time, discerners have already received an undergraduate degree or higher before seeking admission, but each vocation is unique and is individually discerned given the particular circumstances of each person.

A Missionary of the Precious Blood is called to be either a Brother or a Priest.  Both brothers and priests are given the ability to develop their unique gifts and talents and to use them in ministries which give witness to the congregation’s charism and the particular needs of the church.

As a Society of Apostolic Life, Missionaries of the Precious Blood do not live under vows, but by a bond of charity toward fellow members of the community.    A willingness to live the love of God and Neighbor in Mission Houses and residences is one  sign of a vocation.

If you are interested in discovering your call, the next step is to contact the Vocation Director and he will be happy to help you discover what call you may be hearing from God and  to respond to it, whatever it may be.

You can contact the Vocation Director under the tab, entitled, ‘contact us’  for further information and assistance.

Through the Intercession of St. Gaspar Del Bufalo, may the Lord bless you in your vocational journey!