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Meet the Missionaries – Part 2

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Fr. Phil Smith, cpps
Toronto, Ontario

Born in Kansas City, Missouri. He has served both in the USA and in Canada. He is currently the pastor of a multicultural parish in the Archdiocese of Toronto. Being true to the Precious Blood charism, he dedicates time in giving missions, retreats and day of prayer across Ontario. He is certainly a man of many words and a true storyteller.

Fr. Peter Nobili, cpps
Toronto, Ontario

Fr. Peter was born in Montecapri, Italy. He accepted the invitation to be a missionary at a young age, where he completed his theological studies in Chicago, USA. He spent many wonderful years in parish ministry in the USA and in the Niagara Region in Ontario. He is currently the Director of the USC, the lay association with Missionaries, where he guides, nourishes and promotes the spirituality of the Precious Blood.

Jerome Hologa

Jerome was born in Dodoma, Tanzania. He attended Jordon University where he obtained a degree in Philosophy and a Diploma in African Studies. He worked with the Railway Children of Africa, an NGO, for 5 years. It is during this time he began discerning a religious vocation. He completed his theology studies at St. Augustine’s Seminary, TST in 2020 Currently, he serves the community as Director of Development Office. He is responsible for the fundraising of the mission projects, editor of the Precious Blood Family magazine, and guides the lay associates. He awaits with excitement to be ordained to the Order of Diaconate and Priesthood this coming year.

Model & Witness for COVID-19 Pandemic

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St. Gaspar preached the Word and proclaimed the saving power of Christ’s Blood to all people. He too was affected by an epidemic of cholera. He died on December 28, 1837. The physician who examined him said Gaspar died a “victim of charity,” worn out by his ministry to others. St. Gaspar never turned back. Weakened by ailments, called a fanatic or fool by people who should have supported him, imprisoned and impoverished, and challenged at every turn, his answer to God’s call was always ‘yes’. His followers continue to turn to him for inspiration, as they fulfill the wish he once expressed: “I wish that I could have a thousand tongues, to endear every heart to the Precious Blood of Jesus.”

Just as one drop of Christ’s Precious Blood washed away the sins of the world…just one Precious person can make a world of difference.

Are you that Precious Person?

Missionaries are alive with the Spirit of Christ’s Precious Blood. God has given us the mission of making peace in our world with the healing love of Jesus Christ.


Prayer for those affected by Coronavirus

Let us continue to pray for the who care for the sick,
those who suffer and the dying,
lift up all who are brought low;
that we may find comfort
knowing that nothing can separate us from your love
in Christ Jesus Our Lord. Amen.

Meet the Missionaries

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Fr. Samuel D’Angelo, cpps
Sudbury, Ontario

Fr. Samuel was born in Rochester, NY. After graduating from the University of Dayton, he worked for several years as a Lab Technician. Later, he completed his BS in Biology from John Carroll University in Cleveland, Ohio with a concentration in Chemistry and German. Today, he is a joy-filled parish priest and pastor in Northern Ontario in the city of Sudbury. In his free time he likes to paint, hike and cook.

Fr. Josephat Msuya, cpps
Fort Erie, Ontario

Fr. Josephat was born in Lindi, Tanzania. After completing his secondary education, he attended Jordan University and obtained a degree in Philosophy, later attending Salvatorian Institute of Theology. He dedicated several years in parish ministry and formation at the local seminary. With 20 years of pastoral ministry, he still spends his free days with the youth in the parish community. His presence and sense of humour is contagious.


Fr. Augusto Menichelli, cpps
North York, Ontario

Fr. Augusto was born in Soninno, Italy. He attended the Gregorian University in Rome and later received a STL degree in Theology of Communication, where he trained at the Vatican Radio. He also served in parish ministry before moving to Toronto, Canada. In Toronto, he was the Director of RadioMaria for Toronto-Montreal, Canada. Today, he finds happiness in minstering to the elderly, sick, and the lonely, where he brings renewed hope and peace to their hearts and spirits.

New Missionary

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Gerardo Laguartilla

On December 3, 2020, Gerardo was definitively incorporated with the Missionaries of the Precious Blood. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, he was not able to return to Canada from Lima, Peru which was part of his Cross Cultural Experience. This experience is part of the final months of formation.

Our missionaries confers and the parish of San Fracisco de Borga celebrated this wonderful and special day as Gerardo pledged and committed his life and future ministry to the Congregation.

On December 26, 2020, the local CPPS missionaries and the parish community of San Francisco de Borga, presented Gerardo to the Bishop Lino Richer, of the Diocese of Carabayllo, in Lima Peru for his ordination to the diaconate. The celebration and liturgy was live-streamed so that family, friends, and community members were able to view and pray with Gerardo. The parish community hosted a small social and dinner afterwards.

Gerardo, along with his various house duties is now baptizing, preaching at daily and Sunday masses, leading funeral services, visiting the homebound whenever possible, and presides at the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

We await for the pandemic restrictions to lessen so that he may return among us. Please remember Gerardo in your prayers.